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Mini Session FAQ

July 14, 2022

Mini Sessions are the fan favorite in the fall and I can see why! They provide the perfect opportunity to get an updated family photo or to capture a season of life that you want to look back on and remember for years to come. I wanted to share a little more about mini sessions and answer any questions that you may have about them!

I’ve already told you how much I love mini sessions and I wanted to share a little bit of what you can expect when you book your mini. I will guide you and pose you some, but I also love to allow for natural and candid photos–these are my favorites! I will start off the session by giving more guidance and don’t worry, we will get that photo of everyone looking at the camera! But, I love to capture the in-between moments. I’ll get up close and back away to make sure I’m giving you a variety of images. I like to make sure that I’m capturing the tiny details of your family but also capturing the joyful laughter you all share. It is so special for me to be able to do this and it really is such an honor to be able to capture memories for you to look back on for years to come!


How long is the mini session and what does it include?

Mini sessions are 20-25 minutes in length and you get a minimum of 30 images from your session! 20 minutes might not sound like a lot of time, but you can get a wide variety of images in this short time frame!

Where and when do mini sessions take place?

Mini sessions take place on specific dates and at specific locations as determined by myself. These usually are somewhere between Downingtown area to Valley Forge and I always offer a day in West Chester. Exact locations will be sent out in an email 1-2 weeks prior to your session. If you have any questions about locations just send me an email!

Why should I book a mini session?

Mini sessions are really wonderful if you are not looking for a full session (up to 60 minutes) or if you know your kiddos will only last about 20 minutes! If your child(ren) take a while to warm up, it might better suit your family to book a full session so that we can get your kiddos feeling comfortable! But, I do promise to do everything I can to get some genuine smiles and laughter out of your kids even if we only have 20 minutes! I can’t guarantee anything but I will do my very best!

What happens if it rains?

Due to a busy wedding season, there are not many extra weekends that I can move the date too if it looks like rain so I do have a rain date set aside already as listed on the mini session sign-up form! If it looks like rain, I will watch the weather and will still do the day of sessions if it won’t be actively raining the entire time! If we do get fully rained out, I will move all sessions to the rain date. If you cannot make the rain date, we will talk and try to figure something else out for your session!

What do I wear?

I will send out a style guide in an email with all the details you need for your session 1-2 weeks prior to your selected session date. I will always encourage neutrals though! If you have any specific questions about what to wear or need my opinion, just reach out and I would love to help you!

Do you offer mini sessions year round?

I do not offer mini sessions year round. I do offer full-sessions all year long though!

Do you offer mini sessions in the spring?

I currently only offer mini sessions in the fall but if you are interested in me hosting a mini session day in the spring I’d love to talk more about that!

Can I book an extended family session during a mini session slot?

Unfortunately, mini sessions are only for immediate family but I do have an extended family session option for a full session and would love to talk to you about it! Reach out via email or through the contact form on my website and we can schedule this for you.

These are the most frequently asked questions about minis but if you have any other questions I’d love to answer them for you! Just send me a quick email or comment below and I will address it!


Below are some photos from past mini’s so you can get an idea of what you could receive from your mini session!


Mini Session FAQ


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