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Cozy At-Home Engagement Session

March 22, 2024

Your engagement session doesn’t need to be somewhere fancy, it doesn’t even need to be outdoors. I actually encourage couples to pick a location that is special to them. Your engagement session should reflect your relationship and it’s an opportunity to have a lot of fun together! Jen & David welcomed me into their home and it was such a sweet time. They were so incredibly easy to photograph and just kept loving on each other as they do each day.

You can tell without even being there how much Jen & David just love to be around each other. They actually have known each other forever basically–David is Jen’s brother’s best friend. How fun is that?! They actually got engaged right here in their living room, and Jen almost missed it! She was walking by the room and almost didn’t see David kneeling down with rose petals all over and balloons spelling out “Will you marry me” on the wall. She said yes, and they spent the rest of the day together and with family.

I’m so excited for their wedding day (tomorrow!) at the Hotel LBI. Let’s get you two married!



Cozy At-Home Engagement Session


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