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Tips for In-home Newborn Sessions

March 31, 2023

In-home newborn sessions are one of the best ways to freeze some moments in time from the first few weeks of your baby’s life. Inviting me into your home just a few weeks after having your baby might sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! I wanted to give you a few tips for your newborn session so that you don’t feel overwhelmed!

  1. You don’t have to clean your whole house.

Yes! It’s true! We most likely will mainly be using the nursery and/or your bedroom so don’t worry about those dishes in the sink or the gifts and cards piled on the table. Just focus on tidying up those main spaces.

  1. Feed and change your baby right before our session.

Often, we’ll still need to feed baby or change their diaper at least once during the session but don’t fret! I have allotted time for this to happen and rest assured that it happens just about every newborn session. But our best bet to get some sweet still photos of your baby while they are happy and content is right after they are fed and changed.

  1. Wear something you feel comfortable in!

Many mothers feel most comfortable in something with a little more flow to it such as an a-line dress. Others want to wear their jeans–wear what makes you feel the most you mama!

  1. Expect at least one outfit change for baby.

I love getting photos of their sweet feet and tiny legs along with those little hands! Usually this means that they won’t have as much clothes on and could be cold. Make sure to have a swaddle or blanket nearby to use to keep them warm (especially in the winter months). They may go through an outfit or two anyway between diaper changes so make sure to have at least one other outfit planned as a backup. You might also want to have an extra outfit for you in case!

What to expect

  • Most newborn sessions will happen in the morning but if the light in the nursery/bedroom is best in the afternoon, we will most likely do it then. 
  • I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed so while I give prompts, I want you to just look at and enjoy your sweet baby as I attempt to capture all those special in-between moments. But don’t worry! I will still give you some instruction.
  • These sessions are usually about an hour in length. I will make sure to get photos of your sweet babe by themselves, photos with parents, and if there are any siblings we can do a family photo also!

Newborn sessions really are so fun and sweet and I love them! They happen in your home where you are most comfortable and will be images you’ll look back on even weeks later to remember all those little moments. If you are questioning whether you would want a newborn session, I can assure you that you won’t regret it!


Tips for In-home Newborn Sessions


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