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Planning Your Engagement Session

April 25, 2023

Engagement sessions are SO fun. I love them because unlike your wedding day where we are on more of a timeline, we can explore and really make it super unique to the two of you at your engagement session. Do you love pizza? Let’s go grab a box and I’ll photograph you both having a picnic (that’s not something you can do on your wedding day!). Maybe you really love hiking or the beach, let’s make that happen! There are endless options for your engagement session and I’m hoping that looking through some of these questions and prompts will help you as you envision what you want for your session. I am always full of ideas if you don’t know where to start and will happily talk through them with you!

Questions to ask when thinking about where you want to have your engagement session:

  • Is there anywhere that is special to us?
  • What do we love to do together?
  • What does our ideal date look like?
  • Is there a specific look you want for your engagement session?
  • Is there a specific time of year that you want your session to take place?

Some ideas if you are unsure of what you might want to do:

  • Go for dinner or drinks! You can get some coffee, ice cream, or pizza and we can have some fun with this!
  • Is there a park or spot that is special to the both of you? Maybe it’s where you first met or where you got engaged. 
  • Maybe you have a few spots that you love or a few different elements you want to incorporate. We can try to find a spot such as a coffee shop near a park so we can incorporate both–or bring the food with you!
  • Do you want photos in an open field? A city or town? Maybe you want something more like gardens. We can work together to make your vision come to life! I have many spots in a variety of locations we can talk through or we can try somewhere new!

Some helpful tips & what to expect:

  • Engagement sessions are usually 1-1.5 hours in length (closer to the hour mark but if we are traveling between locations keep travel time in mind!).
  • Feel free to have 2 outfits picked out. Many couples like to have a “dressier” and more “casual” outfit or just have 1 for the entire session. For the girls, long dresses are SO fun at engagement sessions and you won’t regret it if you wear one–but in the end, wear something YOU feel most comfortable in. If you don’t know what to wear or want to get something new but don’t know where to look, I have a list of favorite spots to search for both the guys and the gals!
  • Many times we will be walking a little between spots, make sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes along with the shoes you want to wear for your photos.
  • If you don’t have a specific spot in mind for your engagement session, I have many in a variety of locations and will happily talk them all through with you.

Did you know that I actually gift you an engagement session when you book a wedding with me? I love doing this because it allows me to get to know my couples better before your wedding day and it helps you know what to better expect from me when it comes to your wedding portraits! You can also book an engagement session with me even if I’m not doing your wedding–I’d love to photograph these memories for you! If you are interested in booking either a session or your wedding with me, fill out this form and we will start the process!



Planning Your Engagement Session


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